Wednesday, January 09, 2008

the day after the day after the big day

Still blogging live from Brookwood Hospital Room W243...

10:55 AM - We are going to be spending one more night in the hospital. Katelyn is completely off of her IV and they have allowed her to come up in the room with us for a while last night and today. She should be able to stay with us all day today until about 8 PM if we want. Tammy's getting a little more mobile, and we both slept really well last night. Katelyn's chugging a bottle at the moment, and we're starting to mix more nursing in with the bottles. Best of all, Katelyn's sugar has been stable enough that they don't even have to test it anymore. Today will be much more relaxing than yesterday, and we won't have to cram into the NICU to see her.

2:05 PM - I just added a video to the photo gallery...use the same address as before and it's the last thumbnail on there. There is no sound, only the picture. I don't have all my video editing stuff at the hospital so it's nothing fancy.

9:15 PM - We are looking forward to having a wireless baby tomorrow. Even though she's been disconnected from the IVs and the monitors, they left all the wires in for when they have to do stuff. This makes changing diapers and handling her a bit of an adventure sometimes. She was with us in our room all day until about 8, and she'll be back up here after she gets a bath and some more medicine. We are still set to all go home tomorrow, most likely sometime after 2 PM.

10:28 PM - I have made a page of all things Katelyn-related at That will eventually be the centralized place for everything.