Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Katelyn At Thirteen Weeks

Katelyn is doing new things everyday. It is so fun to watch her discover her world. Our big accomplishment this past week was that Katelyn finally skipped her 2:30/3:00 AM bottle and "slept through the night." We finally have figured out a good system to help Katelyn sleep better and it has worked great for the past week. Hopefully it will continue to work because the extra sleep is great! When I woke up after that first night at 6 something and realized she had slept straight through, I went and quickly checked on her of course, and then I just laid in bed and basked in my seven hours of sleep. I did wake up twice in the night to check on her, but she was sound asleep both times I peeked in. Around this same time we were also transitioning her from our room to the crib and she has done just fantastic. I feel like at 3 months we are finally figuring out her patterns of eating and sleeping. Enjoy the pictures!

P4080452 (Custom).JPG

Katelyn is doing better and better with tummy time. She will tolerate it for longer periods now, but sometimes she just wants to take a rest as you can see in the picture.

P4080456 (Custom).JPG

I think this is one of Katelyn's favorite poses, with her hands to her mouth.

P4110467 (Custom).JPG

Hamming for the camera.