Monday, February 09, 2009

What Is Katelyn Doing Now?

Katelyn is developing such a little personality. She is so friendly and has a great sense of humor. Sometimes she will just look at something and crack up and we're like 'Katelyn share the joke.' We have no idea what she finds so funny, but it makes us laugh anyway. Whenever we laugh at something she imitates us and laughs too. So hysterical!

She is talking up a storm. We don't really understand most of what she says, but it is fun to try and figure it out. She is saying a good handful of words off and on. Here is a list of some of the ones I have recorded so far.

Ma Ma(still not very often)
Da Da
Ba Ba(she uses this one for a lot of things)
Shu - Shoe (she pronounces it with a very hard Shhh sound)
Baby (referring to her baby doll)
Up - Cup
App - apple
Doh - dog

A lot of these words she actually said when we asked her to repeat them. It is so amazing to us when we ask her to say something like 'pear' and she tries to repeat it. She will be talking very soon! She understands a lot more words then she can actually say. We will say Katelyn 'where is your baby' and she goes straight to her baby doll or 'Katelyn give the baby her bottle' and she really tries to put the bottle in her mouth. So smart!

Let's see what else is Katelyn doing? She is cruising up and down the furniture and letting go some so walking is not too far behind. We were completely done with bottles and using only sippy cups now with whole milk, water, and a little juice for snack. She is eating all kinds of things. Some of her favorites are Puffs, Cheerios, any kind of bread or tortillas, pears, mac & cheese, shredded cheese, graham crackers, ritz, and many more.

Katelyn and I are also involved in a music class at church called Baby Songbirds. We have only been a couple of times, but already I can tell she loves it. She gets to click rhythm sticks together and play jingle bells and maracas. She has so much fun!

Katelyn now has 6 teeth. 4 coming in on the top and two very visible ones on the bottom. She likes to cut them two at a time it seems. I always know when she is cutting a tooth because she gets really fussy and she never acts like that normally.

Okay, I think that pretty much catches you up on what going in Katelyn's life right now. Hope you enjoyed the recap. God Bless!

IMG_1011good (Small).jpg

Katelyn is laying on the floor like a big kid watching one of her favorite shows. How funny! You can really see her dimple in this picture.

IMG_1012good (Small).jpg