Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Such A Mess!

A few updates/stories from the daddy of the world's cutest toddler:

Katelyn will at least attempt to say just about any word she hears now. She said "bumblebee" pretty clearly the other day. Lately she's been stringing a few words together to make sentences, such as "Where did [whatever or whoever] go?". The cute "Mo" has become "Elmo", and "nana" has become "banana".

Katelyn was in her crib saying "Hi Mommy!" instead of going to sleep. Tammy went in and rocked her and told her she didn't want to hear another peep out of her. Katelyn's response: "Peep!"

Katelyn keeps getting in trouble for telling Angel to hush when she barks. We're still not sure if she even knows what it means, but she's heard that so many times as the response to the dog barking that she keeps saying it. I'm pretty sure I heard her say "hush" to Tammy while Tammy was being loud when Katelyn was trying to go to sleep, but I may have made that up.

Katelyn said or did something she wasn't supposed to, and Tammy explained to her "That's not funny". Katelyn's response: "Funny!"

Pretty much any time I'm not in the room with her, she'll say "Daddy work".

She is still obsessed with the moon, and has been for a while. She'll flip through books just to find the pictures that have the moon in them, and there's a children's song/video on Youtube called Catch the Moon that she makes us watch repeatedly. Oh well, it's beats Barney. She always wants to find the moon in the sky when she is outside at night. Or during the day. Even when it's cloudy.

When she's in the mood, she will give good hugs and an occasional kiss (which is sometimes more of a lick), but if she is not in the mood, she does NOT like for you to hug her.

She loves saying "Uh-oh" repeatedly, even when she's done something on purpose.

She loves to go through her alphabet magnets or the bath tub ones and say a word that starts with each letter of the alphabet. She can't quite get them all, but she does really well. She also does this during her alphabet videos.

She knows which book she wants you to read her at bedtime, and if you choose the wrong one, bad things ensue. It's safest to just let her pick it out and hand it to you.

She always requests a napkin during her meal, which she uses to wipe her tray, wipe her hands, and wipe her mouth. Last night, I spilled some water on her shirt at bedtime, and she asked for a napkin. I gave her a paper towel, which she then rubbed on her shirt, and then at her mommy's request wadded up and dropped into the trash can.

Any time she sees a phone, she wants to call Gammy or Pop.

I already have her hooked on football. It comes out more like "ootball". Tonight I was watching a reply when she got home...she seemed all excited at what was on TV. Then she was playing with the remote and accidentally changed the channel, and seemed genuinely upset that there wasn't any more "ootball" on the screen.