Thursday, May 27, 2010

Funny Things Katelyn is Doing & Saying These Days

1. "Daddy, you go to work today at Big A?" (there's a big A logo at Ricky's work you can see from the interstate)

2. "Please everything." (we have no idea what this even means or where she got it...she uses it as a last ditch effort when "please" isn't getting what she wants)

3. "I had a good night night!" (she says this first thing when she wakes up, which makes sense, but then some other times she randomly says it in the middle of the day)

4. "No don't sing that ....that's rude!" (she says this most any time Ricky tries to sing)

5. "I can't want that." (and also the ever popular "I can't like it")

6. "I do it!" (what can we say...Miss Independent is 2)

7. "Excuse me, Angel." (they get in each others' way a lot)

8. "Angel, Come here!" (this is usually followed by Katelyn chasing Angel and giggling uncontrollably while Angel just wants to be left alone)

9. "My hair all wet, my hair all wet!" (in a very distressed voice after having her hair rinsed at bath time)

10. "Baby Kaya in mommy's tummy." (when asked what her baby sister's name is)

11. She introduces herself as Katelyn Taylor Eanes. (although her first name still comes out as "Kate-in")

12. We read books over and over so Katelyn has them pretty much memorized and will sit down
and "read" them to us.

13. "How 'bout Daddy do it?" (she still likes to watch other people do stuff more than actually doing things herself)

14. "Angel you get hair cut?" (this was true one time a few weeks ago, but she still says it all the time)