Saturday, July 03, 2010

Family Beach Trip 2010

We had a fantastic family beach trip to Grayton Beach. We tried out a new beach house this year and we all really liked it. It had a great porch with a nice view and it was very comfortable to eat our meals outside. The kids loved the pool as well as the adults. Katelyn was even comfortable enough in the pool to let go of us and swim around on her own wearing her ladybug floatie. She did really well. We spent one morning just goofing around in the pool and taking pictures with my brother-in-law's underwater camera. It was a blast!

We ate out a couple of times and I think one of the best meals I had was at a place called Shorty's around the corner from our house. Ricky and I went on a lunch date and I had a delicious shrimp po-boy. Yummy! Cars are able to drive onto Grayton Beach so that was a little strange. It made deep ruts in the sand that were difficult to walk over, especially for Katelyn. She had a meltdown the first time her feet touched the sand, but after a day or so she finally got used to it. It just took a long time to walk across. She enjoyed playing in the tidal pool on the beach and chasing the fish. Her favorite thing about the beach was jumping in the waves with her Daddy. That is all she wanted to do. She also really liked the showers where she could use the hose to spray her feet and Mommy and Daddy's. She is too funny!

Fortunately the oil did not really affect us. We saw some tarballs, but the beaches and water stayed clean. We were very thankful for this and just pray that something can be done about the oil so it will not affect the gulf for years to come.

We had a great time and made wonderful memories. I am already looking forward to next year!

Check out the link below for pictures: