Thursday, February 07, 2008

Our First Outing

Katelyn went for her 1 month checkup on Friday and everything looked great. She now weighs 8 lbs, 12 oz. and is 22 1/4" long. She is right on track and we don't have to go back for a whole month. Yipee!!

She was very hungry by the time we left the pediatrician's office so we went home and I fed her and then decided to go back out and get myself something to eat. So this is pretty easy to do by going through a drive thru, but I decided to be ambitious and get a taco salad from McAllisters. This required actually going into the restaurant with Katelyn. Ricky told me to not let anyone breathe on her. He's such a great dad : ) Total side note, sorry about that. Anyway I took her pumpkin seat in and stood in line to order. The seat weighs a ton by the way. Then I ordered and realized that I would have to carry her seat and my food and drink back to the car. How was I going to manage all of this? I couldn't leave her and take the food out to the car, and I certainly couldn't put her in the car and then go back for my food. They put my drink in a bag and I tried to carry everything myself, but it was not going to work. Luckily the nice guy who took my order came and gave me a hand by carrying my food out to the car. Well with a little help we made it and I had my taco salad : )