Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Fun

Katelyn had a big first Memorial Day. She watched her Mommy and Daddy eat some BBQ and then got to show off her cute flag shirt while we ran some errands. Later that day we enjoyed some pool time at the pool we just became members of. We went late in the day to keep her out of the sun. She also tested out the baby pool briefly (only her bottom half made it in) and seemed to really like it.

On another note, she is starting to sound congested and is coughing. I think we are about to experience our first bout of our little one being under the weather. Hopefully it is just a cold and will go away quickly. She is still very happy even though I know it must be hard for her to breath and sleep.

P5260130 (Custom).JPG

P5260149 (Custom).JPG

Enjoying a little pool time

P5260154 (Custom).JPG

Family Fun