Monday, June 23, 2008

Beach Trip

This past week we went to the beach with Ricky's family. We make this trip every year and this was Katelyn's very first one. I was nervous about keeping her out of the sun, but we had several tents and a canopy so we were good. Katelyn did fantastic all week. She even took at least one of her naps per day out on the beach. The surf just lulled her right to sleep which was great for us because we got in some good beach time. We just put the neat sheet under the canopy in the shade and she would play for awhile and then snooze away. She liked to flirt with the tent bag that was blowing in the breeze. It was a bit more challenging on the uneven sand, but she figured out how to roll to her stomach out on the beach. There were always plenty of people to keep an eye on her so we were able to play in the water, etc. We were glad that we had a least one beach trip with Katelyn being non-mobile. Next year will be a whole different story.

Katelyn has so many people to pay attention to her that I don't know what she is going to do when she has just her Mommy and Daddy to look at. She loved being entertained by her aunts, uncles, cousins and of course Grandmama.

We had a wonderful trip to the beach!

P6150648 (Custom).JPG

Katelyn riding in her seahorse float. She really seemed to like floating around in the pool at the beach house.

P6150652 (Custom).JPG

Katelyn's Seahorsey that was mistaken for a dragon

P6160661fam (Custom).jpg

The Fam

P6170664 (Custom).JPG


P6190720 (Custom).JPG

Relaxed beach baby

P6190726 (Custom).JPG

Katelyn really likes to be on her tummy

P6200743 (Custom).JPG

Isn't this bikini just too much?!

P6200749 (Custom).JPG

Katelyn and her cousin Judson who is 10 months old

P6200759 (Custom).JPG

Beach Baby

P6180683 (Custom).JPG