Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Five Month Birthday Katelyn!

Katelyn turned five months old at the beginning of June so I am a little bit behind, but my life has been crazy for the last several weeks. Katelyn is now turning from her back to her stomach and she does it all the time. She hasn't really started rolling yet, but I know it is coming. She is so cute when she is on her tummy. She just grins so big and you can see it in her eyes that she wants to figure out how to move her self forward to get to her toys. She has been swimming her legs and arms on her tummy for awhile now. She will move all around her playmat and can creep forward just a tiny bit. It is exciting that she is moving into this next phase of development. Soon I will be chasing her around all day and our world will change yet again. She can take her time on this one : )

Here are some beautiful pictures of Katelyn that my dad's coworker, Sophia, took of her at their company picnic. She really captured her expressions and poses. Thanks Sophia!

2544213043_0d72ee9d53_o (Small).jpg

2545093396_ce8e92af0f_o (Small).jpg

2545091396_2ab1910e10_o (Small).jpg