Saturday, July 12, 2008

More Cute Pictures And First Sounds

I just want to give a shout out to Katelyn's wonderful Daddy and my fantastic husband. He is so wonderful with Katelyn. He does it all. Diaper changes, bottles, snuggles, playtime, silly songs, stories...

We Love You!!!!!!!!

For a few weeks now I have been trying to get Katelyn to say Ma Ma and Ricky of course has been trying to get her to say Da Da well Daddy won out this time. Katelyn said Da Da today pretty clearly and repeated it over and over again. Ricky was beaming : ) Of course he said Katelyn said Hi Da Da, but I'm not sure about that : ) I guess these are really just sounds she is making, but they sound just like she is saying da da da da. She started with day day day and then it evolved into da da. It is so exciting to hear her babbling.

P1010880 (Custom).JPG


P1010892 (Custom).JPG

Katelyn in her umbrella stroller