Thursday, February 18, 2010

Silly Katelyn

Here's an update on a few of Katelyn's recent antics:

  1. Tonight, one of her toys wouldn't turn on, and she said "It's not working, Daddy....batteries" and proceeded to lead me over to the closet where we keep the batteries, asked me to "Open the door", and then pointed to the box of batteries.  She remembered all of this from the one time a few days ago when I got her to "help" me change the batteries in one of her toys (during which she proclaimed, referring to the screwdriver, "that's mine!").
  2. Since we've opened up a lot of space in our downstairs during our uncluttering efforts before we put our house on the market, she has a lot of room to run around (literally), and chasing/being chased has been one of her favorite activities lately.  Of course, like everything else, she wants things done a certain she was chasing me tonight, she suddenly stopped and said "Daddy, go this way" and pointed the opposite of the way I was heading.  Also, several times recently while in the car, as I'm starting to turn one way she'll point the other way and say "go this way".  One time she actually got upset that I didn't.
  3. She has woken up from her nap each afternoon the last week asking for macaroni.
  4. I am officially her hero for the moment because I found the pretend lipstick from her princess dresser.
  5. I got in trouble a few days ago when she was singing a song (can't remember what) and I started to join in...she stopped and said "NO!  I sing it!"
  6. She is still fascinated by all the ceiling fans at Lowe's, and unlike the old days when I would take her up there, now she can spend the entire rest of the trip while I'm actually shopping asking to go back and see the fans again.
  7. She asked me tonight to help her put her necklaces in the microwave.  I know it's a pretend microwave, but still...
  8. I love watching her play with Angel...she gets so excited and laughs so hard, and all Angel's trying to do is avoid her.
  9. Unless she's just not in the mood, she is a really good helper at cleaning up her toys.  She'll usually start singing the "clean up our toys" song that Tammy taught her.
  10. She was saying something tonight that I couldn't quite figure out...I eventually figured out that she was saying "See Prudence", who is a character on an episode of Jack's Big Music Show that she had watched part of earlier but we cut it off early when supper was ready.  She wanted to finish the episode.