Friday, October 03, 2008

Katelyn's First Trip To The Zoo

Our playgroup visited the zoo today. This was Katelyn's first time and she just kind of took everything in. We saw lots of animals, including a new kangaroo exhibit. I think she especially like the monkeys. She did great just sitting in her stroller looking around. I took her out so she could see the zebras and giraffes. She just talked and smiled while we ate lunch over in the children's zoo area. She even said ma ma ma several times. Yipee!

Can you find the brightly colored macaws in this picture?

PA030024 (Small).JPG

PA030001 (Custom).JPG

Baby giraffe

PA030014 (Custom).JPG

PA030005 (Custom).JPG

PA030003 (Small).JPG

Mommy, Katelyn, and a Giraffe